Another Cat Picture

9 comments on “Another Cat Picture”

  1. She is so exotic looking. What a beautiful face!

  2. Purty little kitty ~

  3. Such sweet innocence. Love the expression you captured here!

  4. not just anothrt cat picture – a perfect cat picutre

  5. Such a beautiful cat, and a great capture and as always processing. I really like the angle of the screen and how it really defines the shot.

  6. it isn’t just another cat picture, it’s a cat wearing a special decoder necklace picture.

  7. very cool cat shot, nice color and light.

  8. My heartfelt intended words have been used – but, hell, ‘what a wonderful face’ !

  9. I love the screen behind her. Is it wrong that I’m more fascinated by it and the pretty colors and blur than I am by her? If so, I don’t want to be right!

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