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  1. Sweet shot 🙂

  2. un beau sourire !

  3. Hey Ms Elaine! I’ve been absent a long time and it’s great to “visit” you again. I like your latest look and still love your photos. Life is busy but happy! My photo site hasn’t been updated in ages.

  4. I like that happy picture.

  5. oh nice to see him awake! lolalthough i can’t see his eyes- maybe he’s just having a good dog dream.

  6. Well what a great photo of your smiling Hubby…..i bet that is happy:)…. is he is growing that beard so that he looks the part of the lumberjack when y’all git to Red Deer!!!! lol….peter:)

  7. yep, i’m all finished with school until the fall. i’ve been finishing the garden (i think my broccoli is already ready to be picked. it doesn’t look like store broccoli so i’m not sure). and i cleaned out my closet; the donation truck came yesterday and took about 10 bags worth of shoes and clothes (and dishes and lamps and old furniture that has been collecting in the garage). i’m also reading more. it’s a dark, dreary, rainy weekend, so i am catching up on chores and spring cleaning.

  8. A truly happy expression. Nice!

  9. I love this smile! 🙂

  10. I love it, so natural

  11. what a terrific smile. he looks completely happy.

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