Tessa Hugs

7 comments on “Tessa Hugs”

  1. Reminds me of a dog I had called Pete. I like the site, but I’m pretty sure tomorrow it will be different again.

  2. What a beautiful little Tessa. The soft processing just makes this all the sweeter. Nice work!

  3. Always something new here!! Just love how you continually mix up the look of your blog!! And – of course – the image is just too cute!!!

  4. Lovely warm image – the little dog Tessa seems so loyal!

  5. don’t you love this theme tho??? i’m going to have to look for the perfect pic for a background lol i’ve worked my butt off getting this theme just right, it ate my site when i first installed it lol

  6. such a sweet capture of the doggy. cute!

  7. Tessa’s hugs must be the sweetest hugs, right? But I love the way you hug me with your great frames, sweetheart. I need it & I’m so addicted to it.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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