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  1. It is not a “Bad Picture”!!! at all Elaine….i love it ……and your definition of Create added so much to this picture…..i believe that there is a Creator…..and i choose to call Him God:)…..peter:)!!!HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!:)

  2. photography is like looking in a mirrori see myselfblemishes and all, i’m gladi didn’t inherit my father’s ears.sometimes i know how it feels to be youseeing your photographsblemishes and all. i’m gladyou didn’t inherit another’s eyes.but inherit we did–the good and bad and goodblemishes and all. i’m gladfor this camera, smoke and mirrors.

  3. i’m sorry my website links were borked. we just got back from kansas last night;(i slept until noon today). i took my laptop with me but i didn’t have the time to make corrections. i’m sorry. see what my web design classes have taught me?

  4. do you like the frames?“i chose the long road that leads me out to god knows so i can’t stop now.”

  5. we were in kansas for 10 days. technically 8 days b/c we also spent a couple of days in kansas city missouri (called misery by people in kansas). ….. . i tend towards darker themes in music. but not always. i listen to lisa germano, the cure, lucinda williams, emily wells, angus & julia stone, cocorosie, meiko, damien rice. it’s a mixture. jason mraz. fink. it’s way past post-punk lol.

  6. ‘my style is to make bad photos like that’ tickles me. it reminds me of the ‘it’s so ugly– it’s beautiful’ theory. did you know people actually have ugly dog competitions? the ugliest dog wins. but instead of being horrified, people gasp and exclaim ‘it’s so cute!’ i’m not calling this photograph cute (or ugly), mind you, although i have seen many cute photos from your lens too.

  7. you’re going to hate me! i don’t know anything about christian rock. …. . it was really hard to find a good radio station in kansas because most play either 80’s disco, religious or country music. around junction city there are a couple of hip hip stations because of the fort riley military base. so mostly we drove in silence. which is just as well since i fall asleep whenever we drive anywhere.

  8. congrats tomorrow on your 10 years of being a christian. it’s wonderful that you’ve found something meaningful in your life that makes you happy. hugs and candles.

  9. i almost always look at your past photos back to the last photo i saw. but i wonder who sits in the bathroom all day so the fan never turns off. lol– nevermind answering that question, i need to go to bed. night night elainy.

  10. Creative shot! I like the layer of text and the grainy sepia tones are excellent!

  11. I guess that’s one good way of taking what you consider to be ‘bad’ and making it creative and ‘good’. Nice use of textures here!

  12. You’re a player, my dear. You play with themes, great photographs & me. And I love it, love it & love it. Period.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  13. Wow! I really love the processing in this one. I think it’s great, not bad at all! 🙂

  14. this is very cool processing.

  15. i disagree. i like it very much. the scene, the color palette, and the typography.

  16. I disagree with you. I like this one. There is a rawness to it that really draws me in.In answer to your question regarding the D700 — yes, I love it. It is a heavy camera, so if you are looking for something lighter, I would recommend the D7000 instead. That being said, I am happy to be shooting full frame now — and it’s a lot lighter (and less expensive) than the D3.

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