Rock Star

I’ve got a friend who’s a musician and I’ve cowritten a couple songs with him and did the vocals, and redid his web presence to make him look cool haha, and he asked me to make the picture for the inside of his cd so this is what i made out of one of his self portraits, pretty psychedelic huh? lol he’s also using my pictures for the cover and back of his cd… and he used my photos for his main web page 🙂 he’s just so fun to help, he’s the nicest guy in the world and here’s his website if you want to check him out…

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  1. Elaine, your work has always blown me away. I mean that sincerely, you make the ordinary quite beautiful and stunning.I gave you a rubbish photo I took of myself and you transformed it into a professional picture for my CD cover.I am very grateful and it is an a amazing photo.Thank you xxxn

  2. Whoa! This is all looking fantastic, very slick and nicely laid out, well done! The photo is great, like he’s emerging from the music or trapped in it maybe, in any case it’s great work and I can see why he’s so pleased with it. 🙂

  3. ha, ha. this is really cool.

  4. This is a wonderful photo!

  5. A fun image, Elaine. Makes me smile.

  6. Elaine, I left a comment on this photo a few days ago. Disappearing cyber-ink? Anyway, I like the photo and the cross-process look.. The music texture is just right adn fits the purpose of the photo, and the vignette is perfect. Nice work!

  7. Super with the partition juxtaposed and i love the hand with stars on the Home page too !

  8. I like the polaroid look and the implied madness, the ideas streaming into Rich’s head. The only criticism I have, if you don’t mind, is his wrist watch. I think it looks out of place but I appreciate that you only did the manipulation and not the original photograph.

  9. A wild and cray and very effective image. So creative – love it!

  10. Marvelous image, Elaine – looks like the music is streaming from his mind! Congrats on your photos for the CD artwork!

  11. Psychedelic & great. I alwalys thought you should be in that dirty rock’n’roll business. Glad to see you arrived there finally. But never forget: It’s a long way to the top if you wanna …Sweetie, that’s a brilliant one. A gem!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. You have the coolest effects on your photos! So much fun to look at. I love the expression in this one, and the colors + glowing effect are terrific.

  13. Way cool! He’s lucky to have such a talented friend! Rock on!!

  14. You made him a fantastic CD cover Elaine!!!! for some reason i knew that you had music in you….and i like that…..i played a trumpet for 15 years….dropped it because i could not sing the songs that i wrote and play at the same time lol….i bought a guitar….learned how to play it well and found out that i still can’t sing my songs that well ….but i have fun with it….and i have picked up my trumpet again 3 years ago….. i love the music in me:)…..i hope that you had a great camping trip for the July 1st weekend:)….peter:)

  15. Excellent ! Success guaranteed for your rock star thanks to you. You are two formidable artists !!! 🙂 I like his expression! A photo which moves … Bravoooooo dear Elaine !

  16. Nice work, I like the concept and the result. His website is pretty sweet too.

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