Baby Kitteh

7 comments on “Baby Kitteh”

  1. Via the trips and tumbles, I love how fast they learn the tricks of Cat Life . . brings back happy memories here.

  2. Whoa that’s weird looking! Ghost cat. And it has such an annoyed expression. I’m scared.

  3. Such a curious expression…and what incredible lighting or post-processing effects!

  4. A priceless expression in the bright light, i laugh aloud, excellent ;))))

  5. Ha! Kitty looks a bit spiky about being photographed!

  6. Spooky alien. The return of the fighter kitten. Or are you just the papperazzi? My dear, your processing is so mighty fine & over the top it knocks me off my feet!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. She looks like she’s just done some really bad things and gotten busted. By Weegee. Love it. As for the new site, I like it overall, but it’s kind of confusing and hard to get to the pictures. I’m sure everything else is nice, but the people come for the pretty pictures! It’s also possible that I’m just getting too old for this whole internet and technology stuff.

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