A Room With a View

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  1. Hi Elaine…. it is late and it took me a while to find the comment box!!!…. Brain fart i guess lol….. i like how your friends are waiting at the window….. they look like real pals….. i bet they are waiting for Hubby to get home with some treats lol….peter:)

  2. I should have known you’d change things up a bit while I was gone, Elaine. But you’ll be glad to know I had no problem whatsoever in finding the comment link. 🙂 I do like how these two appear to coexist peacefully with a common purpose.

  3. Excellent moment! Great capture!

  4. Very nice shot, this one. Somehow communicates a great feeling of space, or rather different spaces, different worlds – the inside and the outside world.

  5. Good friends sharing the view. Very neat shot! I like the cyan tones, too! Nice processing, Elaine.

  6. Same direction and positioning, is HE coming home and the pets are expecting a caress in a sec ? Super scene, my dear ! And love the inside/outside feel. Have a superb week (i like your presentation of your page now, it’s real satisfying)

  7. Love it!! Must be a squirrel running by..or another highly interesting outdoor little creature. They’re so sweet perched there like this!

  8. “If you do not want to know the meaning of Life, look away now”

  9. Ha! Very agile dog to be standing on the back of the sofa – must have learnt from the cat! They make a fine pair watching contentedly out the window. Lovely soft silhouettes you get here, Elaine, with the green light filtering through the window.

  10. Oh! The curious youngs !!! Excellent!!! They seem to have found a good activity … 🙂 Nice processing Elaine . Bravo

  11. this is nice. I quite like the light and color. They seem like pals.

  12. what a terrific silhouette of these two. i like the green hues.

  13. Something has certainly gotten their attention! I like how they’re both almost silhouettes, it adds to the drama.

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