Go Canucks

So it turns out that hubby is not a photographer 🙂 He took my camera up to the road to catch the mayhem after one of those stupid hockey games, and this is the result… Yay Canucks 😛

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  1. Hi Elaine…. i have to agree Hubby blew it as badly ands the Canuks did!!!!…..but it is a fun photo to post….i had a good laugh at his expense….xx oo …..peter:)

  2. Ha! Quite a film noir feel to this though. With a little help, he might be all right!

  3. I kind of like it. Has an edgy quality to it and yet feels weirdly calm.

  4. i have no idea what a canuck is. it sounds vaguely like canucklehead, but i have a feeling people are proud of being canucks. and hey, we all take blurry photos sometimes, don’t tell me we don’t. i love the hand-painted stars on the hand when i arrived at the splash page. delightful!

  5. Ha! Looks like he slipped on the ice while taking this shot! I did see on the news there was trouble in Vancouver – so this shot seems to capture the dazed mood.

  6. I don’t know, but it looks like that if he was out to capture mayhem, he certainly did it. And, good for him!

  7. A wonderful job of capturing the mayhem – I think. Love the abstract quality..the sense of urgency here.

  8. very cool feel to this, nice angle and motion blur.

  9. heh i tried to leave a comment on the cat in the window, but the spam/human confirmation box was missing. so if you’re wondering why there are no comments, that might be the reason. hugs.

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