sky condos

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  1. And just like that, you can manipulate anything! 🙂 I especially like the Tudor, Elaine.

  2. Love the tilt. It really makes one question here. Terrific!

  3. very cool angle and I quite like how the sky turned out.

  4. This one has it all: texture, vignette, cross-processed colors, dutch angle, sci-fi title. You’ve been busy. I like the “fringe reality” of this shot.

  5. Great composition Elaine…. a perfect 45 ° angle!!!…. i like it …. xx oo…..peter:)

  6. is everything ok? i haven’t heard from you in weeks. at least you are still enjoying making great photographs. i almost believe the pictures are real.

  7. “Funny how falling feels like flying for a little while” (Jeff Bridges)Lying down in the tall grass & watch the world turn & shake. That’s how it feels each time when I let you rattle my world. Beautiful, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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