Circuit de Soleil

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  1. Like a giant holding lines in his hands, love the tilt and the paper below, the writings in this sky, like a voice behind.

  2. Your title made me laugh. How perfect!

  3. What a different world we would have created if we each had wings. Someone would be charging for the ‘roost’.

  4. you had me with the power lines, but i absolutely love the processing.

  5. How cool, like the sun is coming from the base of the structures. It looks like a giant chairlift to the sun!

  6. Power to the people!! coming right out of the setting sun Elaine!!!…. your composition is perfect…..the angle of the hydro lines…they seem to come straight out of your frame…. the title “Circuit de Soleil” is the icing in the cake…..i like it that you used French for all of our friends in France and also in Canada…. Bisous….peter/pierre:)

  7. cool! I really like the processing.

  8. J’adore cette image et le traitement que tu y as apporté! Et puis j’adore aussi beaucoup ton site!

  9. The colors and processing–nice! The tilt–no hum-drum verticals here. The title–perfectly Elaine.

  10. you always make such interesting photographs. the mix of worded documents and power lines brings to mind data packets and how we communicate in this “modern” world. cool.

  11. lol! cool title for this one.. 😀

  12. Power lines are always nice. And this one came with groovy processing. Be careful though, I’d be bummed if you get brain cancer from taking so many photographs of high tension lines.

  13. There is no limit for those who travel. There’s no limit for those who love. Even your greates sky is no limit. What an outstanding composition & breathtaking processing, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  14. Superb title… the graphics work in your treatment is fan-super-tastic Elaine!!!.. i love all the different angles….peter:)

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