Space Kitteh

6 comments on “Space Kitteh”

  1. Blue eyes shine like jewels among the stars, like a X-Mas cat card ! Lovely like the week-end i wish to you all.

  2. Magical processing!! Looks like winter!!!

  3. Wonderful capture of kitty scanning the heavens – marvelous processing as well with the mesh effect – cool and cosmic for cats!

  4. Marcie stole my word: Magical and a very fanciful image. Your processing gives the photo a sense of depth. Really neat work, Elaine.

  5. Digging the stars and how they give the image a very surreal otherworldly feel. Roman says +1 to kitteh pictures.However, I think what would take it from a great image to outstanding is if you had done it in HDR, HDR makes everything better! It’s like the bacon of photography.

  6. haha.. love the title for this one.. nice work.. 🙂

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