Trailer Park

8 comments on “Trailer Park”

  1. Magnificent rays! The trailer park must be something amazing! Nice work on the processing!

  2. Such gorgeous light and reflections. Truly stunning effect!!!

  3. The light is falling down on me every time I drown in your beautiful world of the most stunning photos, sweetheart. Achinigly beautiful, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. cool processing, really like the light rays.

  5. is it a light leak or blending of multiple shotsluks different

  6. This is very cool. What are those weird spots in the upper left?

  7. What an upside-down great feel, i love it, it makes us feel lighter, as if we were on the verge of taking-off in that beautiful inviting sky.

  8. I’m loving those crazy light rays. I want to live in a trailer park with lasers!

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