11 thoughts on “Trees and a House

  1. This is what we would see if we could set the shutters of our eyes to 1/500 of a second. So, do I call this an adventure in the surreal, or is it just a slice of reality? Maybe there’s no real difference. Anyway, Elaine, you have stepped into another place to explore.

  2. I see us sitting in the sun, blinking into the sun, enjoying ourselves & the peaceful moment we’re stuck in. And in case I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up, dear. Brilliant, elaine, brilliant!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. Wow…..it sure does sparkle Elaine!!!….were you at warp speed when you snapped this shot this one lol….. i like it….peter:)not sure that i am not a human droid….but will push button to see if it can tell:)

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