Cone Head

This was one unhappy kitteh…

7 comments on “Cone Head”

  1. Elaine!!! i would be unhappy if you post marked me too:) …..great imagination girl… deserve a great weekend… take it….peter:)

  2. Be careful with those cat naps – you never know when you might wake up with a cone on your head!

  3. Such bliss!

  4. Cute picture. No, they sure don’t like the cones at all. My shar-pei Crinkles likes to get into fights with raccoons, and ends up with big gashes that require a vet visit — her prize is getting to wear one of these cones for a few days so she doesn’t like the wounds.

  5. Definitely looks so content and peaceful. A wonderful capture Elaine.

  6. i’d be annoyed if i had that on my head too.. ;D

  7. I might wear one of these today and see if anyone notices. Usually, they don’t..

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