The Power of Christ compels you..

8 comments on “The Power of Christ compels you..”

  1. She is precious, Elaine. Is that you?

  2. I love her reaching out gesture – compelling words you provide here as well.

  3. Sweet expression and image. And the title – is absolutely compelling!!!

  4. One of those images that instantly engages . . He speaks in so many different ways.

  5. is she possessed? 🙂 cute shot.

  6. ha! a kiddy minister, that’s a first! ;D

  7. Leaves me running out of words, dear. That’s so damn hypnotizing, compelling & great. Takes my breath away, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. I love her expression and the motion in her hands. Groovy processing as well.

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