9 comments on “Dreams”

  1. le rêve, c’est le propre de l’homme !!

  2. It makes a great motivational poster, Elaine!

  3. “You give your dreams away as you get older / Oh, but I never gave up mine / And they’ll never find my body, boys / Or understand my mind” (Dave Alvin)I finally felt understood. Such a tremendous frame, sweetheart. In the end our dreams are the most precious things & our real richness. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Love the message. And – I agree with Ginnie – a great motivational ‘piece’.

  5. A compelling image, Elaine – a life imagined is a life to live.

  6. this would make for a nice poster, cool result.

  7. Love the colour purple in this. Great quote too.

  8. great work, i dig it! this could pass for an album cover.. ;D

  9. an exceptional use of typography on this one. i like it.

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