10 comments on “Run!”

  1. This is exceptional, elaine. I absolutely love the image. The tones and added text are a plus as well. I like viewing it through the windshield with the marks of the wipers. Excellent, just excellent.

  2. Run indeed! And…you might hit the brake, too. The compositing and textures is superb. Nicely…and frightfully…done.

  3. A daredevil? Love the perspective.

  4. Wow – very dramatic – great story telling in this one image!

  5. Looks like you’re about to hit him with your car. Very interesting processing here!

  6. it does look like you’re about to hit him.. great illustration though.. well done! 🙂

  7. I agree, very dramatic. Quite nice.

  8. I don’t run. I’m just here. And I will stay. Here. My dear. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Impressive work again, very moody and creative. Well done!

  10. wonderful work, very creative … 😉

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