Career Advancement

a little something to reflect my mood today, happy happy joy joy…
stock by robinpika

9 comments on “Career Advancement”

  1. a most intriguing scene here. is that a fist? I like your works of art. you’re a natural.

  2. Your photo makes a very graphic statement about power and the lack of it, and the simple brutality of just trying to live. Great work on this commentary image.

  3. Impactful shot – where are the superheros when you need them? Bring on Powdered Toast Man!

  4. This is such fun!! And so glad to hear you’re feeling happy these days!!!

  5. A little something turns out to be a huge reflection, sweetheart. Great, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Wow, very graphic and evocative, great metaphore here!

  7. hmm.. happyx2 joyx2.. you’re in a happy mood? or maybe sarcastic.. ? great work though, power & the lack of it.. i like phil’s comment..

  8. Uh oh! I hope everything is okay! The photo nicely sums up how I feel about the subject a lot of the time, too.

  9. life knocking you around? strong image.

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