Back Alley

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  1. One of those “Oh, wow!” shots. Spectacular.

  2. I like the mood in this shot Elaine. There is a dark mood, but still light to keep it optimistic. I was in New West last weekend, wandering around, looking for different shots.

  3. This is a cool back alley Elaine!! your treatment is so good that it brings me back to the days when most streets had alleys between them… but today they use every bit of property so that all that is behind your house is another house…that looks just like yours… did i rant on!!… sorry:)….peter:)

  4. you are the mood master – great image my friend

  5. Wow, very nice!

  6. I don’t suppose you want to be back there when it’s really dark, Elaine???

  7. Wonderful mood captured here!!

  8. i grew up in an area with an alley behind every street. i still have fond memories of playing kick the can; among other things. i like this.

  9. Like the fuzzy look to this. Edgy.

  10. I’m digging the noir feeling. I also like how the blur adds a sense of mystery and impending doom.

  11. doesn’t look as seedy as the others i’ve seen.. 🙂 nice shot!

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