Waiting for God

8 comments on “Waiting for God”

  1. You have a very distinct vision and visual expression, and I just love this post-modern feeling your pictures create. The colours here are completely off – and wonderful. I am amaze who you can make a very ordinary subject so interesting and intriguing.

  2. I would never think to shoot that. It is a spectacular piece of every day life. Wonderful shot and your usual excellent processing.

  3. I like the surrealistic title for this image and the way you thinking – have a nice day

  4. i like the tones in this. didn’t know God had a waiting room:-)

  5. Nice tones and treatment here Elaine… but there is no need to sit and wait… you will find God when He decides… so live it up now!!!….peter:)

  6. Hey I like this one – very nice colors 🙂

  7. When Elvis comes out of hiding, this is the bench he will be sitting on. Then Jim Morrison will show up too and they will have some coffee.

  8. can’t say it better than what otto said.. 😉

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