Salt n’ Peppa

6 comments on “Salt n’ Peppa”

  1. excellent detail – great moo, colors and vignette

  2. i like the processing … nice colors!

  3. A day on the town. Sure you put on your best dress, hopped into the car with your baby love & let the good times roll, right?All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. What is it about this one that I like? It brings back memories of closely shared times in small cafes, the chats often about nothing but still so important, the meeting of the minds, a look, a touch, and just being together and that feeling of things being so “right.” How dare you prompt me to remember all of this? 🙂 For me, this is evocative. I like it.

  5. So, why did was my comment consigned to cyber-nothingness when I posted it? Hmm. I can only assume my terribly profound comments just weren’t meant to be shared. Maybe if you ask very nicely, I’ll share those thoughts with you–just maybe. Well, anyway, I like this shot.

  6. excellent, elaine. i like the softness.

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