And the Church bells softly chime..

8 comments on “And the Church bells softly chime..”

  1. This is such a cool angle Elaine!!! with the sun just sitting at the roof of the church…. were you praying that you would capture Venus crossing it at that time:)…. xoxoxo ….peter:)

  2. Wow…excellent perspective, light and colors! Great photograph Elaine!

  3. I like the soft and mystical processing. It’s too bad we don’t see album covers now. This would make a great one.

  4. great perspective and framing – excellent vignette

  5. And as they softly chime your soft composition softly creeps into my eyes & stay there the whole day long. And that just feels great, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Love it! The treatment, especially, with the warmth and selective focus. Fun!

  7. very pretty. i like the new layout as well. functions smoothly & i like the fonts.

  8. Outstanding angle. I also like the bright white light of the sun behind the church.

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