the new west…

8 comments on “the new west…”

  1. beautiful shot of the building. i like the processing of the lomo-type look. 🙂

  2. I like the vintage feel of this, like it was taken right after the skyscrapers were erected and everyone was feeling quite proud of themselves.

  3. i like this Elaine!!… the skyscrapers look out of place there… and your processing is so cool… green is such a relaxing colour:)…peter:)

  4. Very neat and clean. It reminds me of an architect’s concept drawing, and I’ve always liked those. (Really!)

  5. excellent processing and colors – like an old movie

  6. Really like this, takes me back the 70’s (I can just remember them!).

  7. Superb processing ! It produced a unique atmosphere.

  8. i like this one very much. the PP is perfect for the scene.

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