Spring Flowers

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10 comments on “Spring Flowers”

  1. Beautiful crimson blossoms around the corner house and many other trees in bloom down the street… thanks Elaine… i love flowers… and nature:-) ….peter:)

  2. A little color in the middle of gray. I'm glad you photographed this. The flowering bushes need some kind of commemoration for addling life to stone.

  3. Sweeeeeeet shot.

  4. Gotta LOVE the color, Elaine!

  5. I like the purple flowers and the color palette

  6. the colors are fantastic.

  7. Very mellow, the processing takes the edge off the bright colors nicely.

  8. nothing like flowers to liven up the surroundings.. nice capture.. 🙂

  9. nice effect!

  10. Just what you are to me: A bouquet full of colours in between all the concrete. That's why I love you & your great imagery, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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