New West

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  1. Urban decline is so demoralizing. Dying neighborhoods, dead malls, rotting infrastructure–it's all just wrong. I hate what it does to people…and their hearts and minds. Anyway, you made a good shot and quite a little wordless commentary.

  2. Great shot Elaine… the New West looks like it's about to become the Old West if they don't refurbish this building soon!! ….peter:)

  3. very nice image and colors my friendsend to me your email and I send the image you likedhave a good day

  4. I really like that shot. Very very cool.

  5. looks like it's more of old west than new west.. 😉 nice capture!

  6. way too many empty buildings

  7. I like the mold growing on the concrete above the middle storefront.

  8. j'aime les bavures du temps sur ce mur !

  9. The new west we're heading for, my dear. Just the two of us & William Egglestone in mind. And I love every step we take & every photograph you take.All the best & safe travels, Firtsch.

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