9 comments on “Pinkness”

  1. Such a lonely dress. Really liking this shot.

  2. Such a beautiful shot. I love the feeling of one window shopping for a prom dress. Your off balance, tilt really adds to this feel. Great one, Elaine!

  3. Are you going to a party? Sweet shot.

  4. I like a lot the colors and the theme – like a young girl's dream

  5. looks like a very girly dress.. 🙂 nice catch..

  6. I'm sure almost any girl would like the dress. It is feminine, indeed, and perfect for a party. I like the city reflection, too.

  7. "Put on your best dress baby / And darlin', fix your hair up right / Cause there's a party, honey / Way down beneath the neon lights" (Bruce Springsteen)That is where we will meet. You will know me by my bald head & I will look out for the pretty girl in that pretty dress. Right!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. oh, so pretty

  9. Prety in pink…. some young lady will be so pleased with this dress Elaine!!…. how's it going out there in the west….peter:)

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