Kids These Days

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  1. kids have been the same for centuries Elaine!!!… at least to all the generations before them… i think that it's a cool picture… the sleeping child seems to be comfortable except for the sunglasses under her face ha ha !!:)….peter:)

  2. Another slice of real life, but on a young scale for both the passenger and driver. Nice catch. I really envy the ability that children have to sleep so soundly.

  3. To sleep like that would have to be bliss.

  4. they both look like kids:-)

  5. there is always a way to have a good sleep – excellent image

  6. That's one of the greatest & most important abilities to achive: Sleeping while the world is in motion. A damn fine street composition of yours. And these colours are just adorable, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. Nice street shot. I like how the kid is crashed completely out and the mother is just strolling along.

  8. tsk3.. yeah, i was already running around when i was her age.. 🙂

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