when you are growing up, thinking you know everything, rebelling against your parents who seem like the bane of your existenze, you don’t think that your parents are growing past their age of evolutionary usefulness, they have reproduced, done their part in raising you, and they will die…. when your parents are dead, you are alone with yourself like you never imagined could happen, who is to blame now? who shall i rebel against now? and who will CARE if i blame and rebel? nobody

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  1. Ah, yes, but parents know what the inner workings of the minds and hearts of their children are. How could you explain their tolerance otherwise? We, as parents, can generally expect our kids to "get it" at some point–and there is a deep sigh of relief when they do. We, as children, learn to value parents although sometimes it's after the fact of their presence. Don't you imagine, though, that they also smile when we "get that", too? As for the blaming and rebelling, there are a lot of targets out there. Just pick a good and deserving one (or more). 🙂 I'd help you with that except that you'd rebel against that and would blame me for making bad choices for you. Sometimes you can't win…but I don't blame you. Much. 😉 By the way, what did you do with all the people on that shot? (Pardon my verbosity.)

  2. Not true Elaine!!! i will care:)…. great photo… very symbolic with only the school bus… xo ….peter:)

  3. I rebel against what I am. Or was. I am trying to be a social and sociable guy. Trying hard. I almost fool some people.

  4. excellent color palette and travel mood

  5. Like Phil said: As for the blaming and rebelling, there are a lot of targets out there. Choose wisely the rest will follows. And we all will care. Just like I will always follow you on these deserted roads out & into town, cross the country, with nothing but your imagery in mind, full of care & photographic love, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. this is a very cool shot, elaine. the saturation of the bus against the other somewhat muted colors is fantastic.

  7. Very nice photo!

  8. A beautiful set of images.

  9. nice shot! i love driving when there's nobody around.. less chance of me being in an accident.. ;D

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