Black Ice

When I was 4 years old,, in kindergarten,, my mother didn’t come to pick me after school,, so i just started wandering down the street toward home,, it was raining ice, and cars were out of control,, i crossed a street at a stop sign,, but the car coming toward me didn’t stop…. i turned and watched it slide, i could hear screaming, but i couldn’t take my eyes off the car,, it actually didn’t stop in time, and pushed against my body lightly as it skidded to a stop… the scream was coming from my mother,, who had seen this all happen as she drove past me,, she ran and lifted me off the ground and into her arms, sobbing… believe it or not, this is a good memory for me

7 comments on “Black Ice”

  1. I like how the entire image is blurred, it seems like a dream. And goes well with the brief remembrance. I'm glad you weren't injured or killed by the sliding car!

  2. interesting vision without glasses – I like it

  3. An incredible story and perfect photo for such a memory. 🙂

  4. It should be a good memory Elaine… and i am glad you feel that way!!! …. our family was walking down the street in Daytona Beach… when we crossed a driveway to a hotel and a car ran into our youngest son who was seven years old son knocking him down…. i picked Chris up and saw that he wasn't hurt…. then i jumped across the hood of the car and had the "stoned" driver by the throat through the open window of his car… then God spoke in my ear…. "It's OK let it be"… and i let go of him!!… i have never forgotten that moment….peter:)

  5. That is a good memory for sure. Walking these streets is a dangerous life at every age & every stage, my dear. But these hurtings only makes us stronger. And the ones that care for us even if they arrive a liitle late from time to time. But this great frame of yours lift every haze, my dear!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. woah! that sounds intense! you're one brave girl.. 😀

  7. i do believe it. it's always good to know mother was there.

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