Haters gonna Hate

today i got accused of being an ‘image stealer’ by a ton a jerk offs…. well you would think if i wanted to use some flickr person’s image for web design they would take it as a compliment, but no, they whined and told all their friends to send me hate mail… so there’s no more contact page. and YES i probably did ask permission and got no response as usual…

10 comments on “Haters gonna Hate”

  1. Awesome, it's been a while since there was a shot of your husband sleeping! I like how you caught him with his mouth open.

  2. Hi Elaine… i see your friends are sleeping… nice touch!!…. as for the haters…. they are just hateful… and they have to live with themselves… just rise above it and keep on smiling…. they'll wonder what your up to:)…. xo….peter:)

  3. Don't hold back. Tell me how you really feel. (I've been dying to say that.) 😉 (You might want to think about your husband's dietary habits, too.)

  4. UGH! There's been enough hate lately to sink the entire world! God help us all.

  5. i like how your pooch is covering his face.

  6. post script: as george clooney said in "one fine day"…. "kick the mean boys in the shins!" lol

  7. can't say anything, but that image probably sums it all up.. 🙂

  8. be careful – he is going to eat the dog

  9. Thanks for making me your friend Elaine!!! i am honoured to be at the top of the list lol…. xo ….peter:)

  10. Love the dogs posture

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