Kitteh Turmoil

8 comments on “Kitteh Turmoil”

  1. Cats–I love 'em. They are just t-h-i-s far from major psychotic events. The title and that wild look in her eye is perfect for the photo.

  2. Love this, the sense of movement and the processing, your trade mark style.

  3. is she getting too fat to roll upright? ;D

  4. I like the blue toning and the theme

  5. Such a cute and intense expression as only a cat can have when they are about to be up to no good :)I like the movement.

  6. Your Kitteh looks like she's about to go ballistic!! great action shot Elaine….peter:)

  7. We call that a case of the feisties around these parts. Also, has anyone else noticed that the human calendar is really more like a hipster calendar?

  8. Nice one..!

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