Stormy Weather

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  1. very nice framing of the storm clouds and the tree Elaine!! … the wind was blowing so hard that it twisted the wires… they make a really cool pattern lol… i like your treatment with the bit of writing in the top right corner….peter:)

  2. I havent been back herein awhile but you still have that same unique processing that amazes me. Such a dream like scene!

  3. I like the lines, the colors and the vignette

  4. And in that stormy weather we cuddle under these power lines with our cameras & make the world smile again. The sun will be where we are because we both carry her in our hearts. You know that & I learned that from you, sweetheart!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. the tree's branches & cloud formation looks similar.. 🙂 nice capture!

  6. Time to run for cover! Ah, portending doom. There's nothing quite like it. Very appropriate processing; it works well.

  7. I love those clouds and the nice mellow old time look you gave this.

  8. those clouds are fantastic and i like the power lines crossing

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