The Ghost of Starbucks

out for halloween, a ghost escapes from my coffee

5 comments on “The Ghost of Starbucks”

  1. And it’s your ghosts that haunt in the most beautiful ways. And it’s coffee with you that make my days, dear. And when it all gets blurry i just lean back & drown in your excellent frames that I love so much. So much, sweetheart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. Hi, old friend.
    That is a very cool Hallowe’en shot.

  3. Now that was your first problem Elaine!!… starbucks coffee costs too much…. but i like the ghost that you captured there… xo ….peter:)

  4. Very imaginative, but I want to know if the coffee was dead…or was the ghost just hiding there. Starbucks–a place of real surprises! (Sounds like an ad campaign, eh?)

  5. I love your ghosts the most, dear. And I love having coffee with you, discussing the ghostly issues & after it drowning in the grand blurry frame of yours, sweetheart. That’s what I do love most!

    All the best 6 safe travels, Fritsch.

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