*disclaimer – no peglegs or hunchbacks were hurt in the making of this joke* a pegleg and a hunchback were walking to the bar one night and they get to a fence and the fence is around a graveyard and the pegleg says no way and walks around the graveyard and the hunchback walks thru the graveyard, suddenly the devil jumps out from behind a tombstone and says ‘what’s that on your back??’ and the hunchback says ‘it’s a hunch’ and the devil says ‘give it to me!!’ and the devil takes the hunch and the hunchback goes running to the bar to tell the pegleg all about it, he gets there, tells the pegleg and the pegleg says ‘wow i’m walking thru that graveyard tomorrow night’… next night sure enough, pegleg goes walking thru the graveyard and the devil jumps out from behind a tombstone!! he says to the pegleg ‘what’s that on your back?’ the pegleg says ‘nothing’ the devil says ‘here.. have a hunch’

6 comments on “Diabetes”

  1. i love the picture Elaine… it speaks of courage and determination…

    i’m staying out of that graveyard… i will keep my stainless steel knee…
    i don’t have a hunch what i would get from the devil if i met him there one night lol !….peter:)

  2. i m fond of the picture. +that+ is life!

    1. thanks for stopping by!

  3. he’s been slowed but not stopped, Elaine

  4. If we can’t take a joke…we’re worse off than the hunchback and the pegleg put together. 🙂

  5. No words. Gutsy you. Gutsy him.

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