Safe in my Fences, Darling


6 comments on “Safe in my Fences, Darling”

  1. i love horses Elaine!!… it’s nice to see them relaxing in the pasture… i think that one of them is having a good roll to scratch his head….peter:)

  2. I think your photo escaped from a 1930’s movie. It’s very retro cinematic. I’m old so I know what I’m talking about. M’kay?

    1. so you were there in the 30’s watching movies? lol that’s a neat trick Phil 😛

  3. Fences have their way of calming us down sometimes, Elaine. I hope yours help you to graze safely in your many fields of dreams!

    1. isn’t that was they called the 72 million old testament laws, beyond the big 10? fences? i prefer God’s GRACE fences and yes i will be safe there 🙂

  4. And I so love to break out out of those boundaries & leave behind those fences with you, sweetheart.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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