Let’s Build a Bridge

Let us build a bridge between each other that we may cross over and shake hands to the new year before us.

5 comments on “Let’s Build a Bridge”

  1. I like the colors and composition.

  2. wonderful view point. love the grass and the blue sky

  3. i don’t have to build a bridge Elaine!!…. you have done very well with this one… we don’t need a bridge to cross over to wish you the best in the new year… we just open my hearts and you rush in….xo….Penny and….peter:)

  4. I cross every bridge you ever built, darling. But you already conquered my heart & sit there in my soul. Every bridge is leading to you & that’s the first good thing about the old year & the new year.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. It’s a fabulous bridge, full of symbolism, Elaine. I’m glad our many bridges to each other have already been built. 🙂

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