The Car Won’t Start…


Christmas update: ……. yep, it’s still Christmas

6 comments on “The Car Won’t Start…”

  1. it is still Christmas here as well Elaine!!…9:00 p.m.
    we just finished our feast with the family… they all went home to put their babies to bed…
    Penny and i are sitting here listening to some of the old Christmas songs and catching out breath…
    there was a present under our tree for you and Hubby today…
    you should have it by now….it was a prayer…xo….peter:)

  2. It’s Holland’s 2nd Christmas Day now, Elaine…an official, national holiday just like yesterday. But this time we don’t plan to start the car! I hope you’re full of Christmas cheer!

  3. What a nice old-fashioned car and nice picture, Elaine!

  4. this is a great shot of this fine looking vehicle!

  5. It just needs TLC…and a few dollars more to get going again.
    Your photo is drenched in nostalgia.

  6. So we will take the wild horses to wherever as long as we ride together, baby.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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