Nail Polish

webcam-toy-photo28 my glasses are now a work of art, using nail polish, now i don’t look like a hipster

painted glasses and a bottle of wine mama, ooooh feelin’ good!

8 comments on “Nail Polish”

  1. Lovely glasses, charming and smiling face! I adore that picture, elaine

  2. j’aimz ce joli sourire

  3. I like the selfie! This hipster-disengagement movement you’ve started might catch on. I might even join in, but it means everyone has to start wearing camo.

  4. You never surprize me Elaine!! you did a wonderful job of styling a new line of glasses… i hope that you had the wine after you had finished the artwork…xo….peter:)

  5. I always wonder what you’ll think up next, of course. 😀 I love it.

  6. great shot Elaine, the position of your eyes actually draw attention to the frame

  7. Cool glasses! And, yes, a great photo. I think it reveals something essential about your character. 🙂

    1. awwww Otto, now i knoooow you are too kind 🙂

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