Jonathan Livingston


8 comments on “Jonathan Livingston”

  1. YUP. Looks just like I remember him. 😀

  2. is it a seagull of an alien spaceship Elaine!! i like it… and i’m sorry that i’ve not been visiting anyone lately….peter:)

  3. always love the greyscale and always love the bird(s)

    yes, wordpress, but no, i based it on a theme. who knows, maybe one day i’ll get into that : – )

    1. doesn’t it bug you just a little teensy weensy bit that wordpress is really the only option these days?

  4. i would say a larger amount than teensy weesy lol

    1. remember back in the nineties when they thought the internet would be the next stage in evolution? haha now there is like a dozen things to do on the net and it has us in a strangle hold

  5. yep. it seems the most popular thing to do is republish someone else’s input. people used to use their brain. i’m still using mine, but i don’t think anyone is paying attention.

    1. i don’t think people recognize brain usage when they see it lol….

      i’m going to start a business, won’t get me off my computer, but will get facebook out of my face

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