The Gift

The gift of finally knowing everything is NOT about me. 🙂 what a RELIEF to not have to take my life personally!

5 comments on “The Gift”

  1. great shot. i like the close up of the textures

  2. Good for you, Elaine. I wonder when most people learn this…and how many NEVER do??!

  3. that is a very special gift Elaine!! good for you….
    you had so many changes in your site lately that it doesn’t remember me… i even had to put in my information for each comment tonight…
    but that’s ok because i like you….peter:)

    1. i knooooooow, i have migrated my site, and changed my theme, it’s been heck fire i’ll tell you that for free, thank you for your patience lol

  4. You are the greatest gift to me, dear. I wrote that before & I will write it a thousand times again if necessary.
    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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