To Stop Light


In His ray that dazzles our vision everywhere,
Our half-closed eyes seek fragments of the One:
Only the eyes of Immortality dare
To look unblinded on that living Sun.

(Sri Aurobindo==October 1939)

7 comments on “To Stop Light”

  1. Have you published a book of poems?

    1. nope, got a novel and a children’s book out there tho!

  2. i like this poem Elaine!!… my eyes feel like they have gravel in them… there is a lot of light reflected off of the snow….peter:)

    1. thanks to you for the ‘infinity’ poem, Peter 🙂 due to our little discussion on the subject today

  3. It’s impossible. No one can snuff out the Light, as we know. That should give us all hope…lest we forget!

  4. This is outstanding, I love how the light is hitting the wall just perfectly and how you framed it so well.

  5. And all the world’s a mystery even if there’s your great light. And that makes all the difference!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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