Do You Dare?

This is the way… walk ye in it…

9 comments on “Do You Dare?”

  1. a mysterious hallway Elaine!!… it looks interesting… i would have to see what was around the corner….peter:)

  2. Interesting is the word. Nice use of angles.

  3. If i dare entering the picture? Of course i do: it is so smart with a little air of mystery.

  4. cool result

  5. I like how this seems like a room in a dream.

  6. The “quote” is perfect for this, Elaine!

  7. j’adore ces effets dans tes clichés

  8. I love your cubistic period, baby. That’s mindblowing.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Hi Elaine!
    I was a long time not on your wonderful blog and I see it has nothing changed, as always, a lot of creative and magnificent pictures!!!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such lovely comments on my blog 🙂

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