stop going to IKEA

7 comments on “Simplify”

  1. Why? Meatballs?

    1. they got in trouble coz of using horse meat in their meatballs, ugh

  2. One day remind me to tell you about a LED light bulb we bought there…and how we had to pull teeth to get them to replace it when it lasted less than half of the 20,000 hours it was “guaranteed” to last.

  3. Never been to an Ikea. Don’t go to Walmart, either.

  4. I like how you really brought the monolithic feel of the building through in the photograph.

  5. i don’t go to IKEA any more Elaine!!… when i’m finished the hours putting what ever it is together… i usually have things left over… Duh!…xox….peter:)

  6. Stop eating meatballs but keep on going. All other won’t work because you are an addict 🙂

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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