Still Life With Woodpecker

Ecstasy is knowing exactly who one is... and still not caring ~ Tom Robbins

Ecstasy is knowing exactly who one is… and still not caring ~ Tom Robbins

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  1. Well, I guess I have not achieved ecstasy. I know who I am and am not impressed.

    1. haha well i think ‘ecstasy’ is more a Christian term, so you don’t care about yourself for other reasons lol

  2. Fantastic still life.

  3. You did not just quote Tom Robbins! Seriously one of my favorite authors of all time… New reason to love you!!

    1. He is probably my all time fave author, but ironically it was doug coupland and generation x that got me writing…. tom robbins is far toooooo brilliant for me to be able to ‘relate’ to in that way… but doug coupland, when gen x came out, i was like shit, i should have written that lol…. you love me? even tho my blog is boring? like blog spelunking?

      1. Oh man it seems like we have similar tastes- I’ve never read doug coupland or gen x! And I totally agree, I think when I was reading Tom Robbins I felt like I didn’t want to be a writer, because he was so freaking brilliant. Your pics are great, also I’m psyched to read your book! I read the first bit, but I can’t focus reading things on a computer really because of the light- so I’m downloading it onto my kindle (I just got my new one!)

      2. my book starts off kinda normal, but IT CHANGES… i tend to lose ‘normal’ people soon after the ‘sex’ scene… but you are not normal……. so might be ok 🙂

        people that are ‘normal’ and consider weirdness to be a disgusting aberration of nature, or a darwin award waiting to happen… DON’T enjoy my book and begin to worry about me. 😛

  4. i love the still life but can’t find the woodpecker Elaine!!… but i like the chalk board that you put in the top right corner….peter:)

    1. ‘Still Life With Woodpecker’ was my first Tom Robbins novel… my introduction to the inner world i never knew was there.

  5. What a journey into the unknown, baby. It’s all pale in the beginning but the longer I look it’s kind of hypnotizing. What a journey, baby.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. hypnotizing you into ecstasy….

  6. I see it! I see it! Wait a minute. Never mind. Uh, cool processing and distressing (of the photo). 😉

    1. haha did i ‘process and distress’ YOU lately, Phil? 🙂

  7. What and who doesn’t? I’m a very vulnerable person, y’know. Are you using specific apps for your processing or photoshop?

    1. i’m actually just stuck on photoshop right now… i have other options, but keep coming back to photoshop…. i’m sorry for making you dance my dear vulnerable friend lol

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