I Cannot Save You

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I can't even save myself...

I can’t even save myself…

5 comments on “I Cannot Save You”

  1. Sweetie … you already saved me a hundred times. And I believe that it was not only me. And I remember all these moments when I needed a platonic boost. Than you came along & with that there was a light.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. you do need a platonic boost, baby, for all that non platonic ‘boosts’ you are getting over there 🙂 well, think of me when you are gettin’ them xoxoxox

  2. Now that is a very cool shot. You certainly are getting some great processing in your images.

  3. i still haven’t figured out the image Elaine!!… but the video was great… save yourself….peter:)

    1. Peter, the image is of my ‘styrofoam guy’ he is about 5 ft tall and used to model underwear in a store lol i bought him for 5 bucks when the store closed down, have had him for a very very long time 🙂 it’s the first thing every body stares at when they walk in my house and think ‘what the hell is that?’ lol

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