Wet Sun, Warm Wind

Weathering the Storm...

Weathering the Storm…

6 comments on “Wet Sun, Warm Wind”

  1. Very cool. I would never have thought of shooting that.

  2. you have such a great imagination Elaine!!… you framed the tree perfectly as the wind pushed open your blinds….peter:)

  3. If you enjoy the storm, you’d go crazy happy with the Dutch wind here where we live!

    1. i do enjoy a good storm, unless it gets stressful lol i don’t enjoy fearing for my life 🙂 a lot of big trees went down during that storm, power outage for days in parts, a lot of food in supermarkets went to waste

  4. i like this view very much, Elaine. my bed is very close to the window so i have a similar view in the mornings but have never tried to take a shot from there 🙂

  5. After the storm you got to hug the trees. They can feel it. And it makes them stronger. I try to hug a tree a day.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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