Like a Bridge

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water... I will lay me down

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water… I will lay me down

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  1. First, that is a wonderful song. Also, very very cool shot.

  2. Love this shot! Also, when I first went to your site I started freaking out because nothing was loading, and I was getting all worried that maybe something had happened to you and you had taken your stuff down. Then I was so relieved to see everything load- lol kind of weird, but I feel like we’re friends now- strange how you can not really know someone, but have some kind of crazy internet friendship develop..

    1. you are my friend sweetie, i looooooooves you and i’m sending you a big hug that squishies out fear and may break a rib 🙂

      1. Ahhhhh my ribs!!! Dammit I just had those fixed from my last mega hug! (Actually my boyfriend and I refer to these squish hugs as “Ulti’s” and we’re always using them to punish our pups for being too cute… luckily no broken ribs yet, that might be a tough one to explain to the vet…)

      2. yes yes, i’m sending you an ulti haha i like that, and i know i hug my dog a little too exuberantly often enuff to relate to dat… my husband always says ‘it’s ok to love your dog, just don’t looooooooooooooooooooove your dog’ (movie line, he likes to impress me with movie lines, always a way to my heart)

  3. Elaine, once again an absolutely extraordinary process.

  4. You don’t have much problem to cause something to come into being, do you. Another captivating photo, processed to create a weary feeling. Heading away from the storm maybe?

    1. indeed, heading away from the storm! can i get an amen? 🙂

  5. Feels so close … feels so good … to know we’re on the same roads, we’re crossing the same bridges while heading into the great unknown.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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