I think confusion and insanity reign in this world.  Time to leave.  Even Stephen Hawking says it’s time to leave.  Though he’s so stubborn he won’t even leave his body, even though his body is a tragic gardening accident.

Some people just don’t know when the party is over, and stay so late that they have to offer to help clean up… but that can be fun too…

order out of chaos, stupid illuminati idea that makes me clean my house when i don’t want to.

Photo by Elaine-


3 comments on “Confusion”

  1. Very neat and clean. Love the zebra case. (Psst. Who’s the short pale guy?)

  2. that is a terrific job. i like the sheen on the floor and the books look so tidy

  3. Don’t you wonder what Albert would say about that!!! 🙂

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