Do You Waste Your Time?

You waste your time with hate and regret.  You’re frozen, when your heart’s not open.

Give yourself to Me….. you hold the key…

downloaddogPhoto by Elaine

Who is going to win in you? the black dog or the white dog? Answer: whichever one you feed.

6 comments on “Do You Waste Your Time?”

  1. i have no regrets and i hold no hate in my heart Elaine!!… i’m not a saint… i just enjoy life…i feed the light brown dog… his name is Rylee:)…. xox….peter:)

    1. i’m not preachin’ to the choir here, peter lol no hate and no regret, that’s a neat trick you pulled 🙂 must be Jesus

    2. well joy loves company anyway, if you managed to outsmart reality and enjoy life without Jesus, then good on yer… Jesus has got yer back anyway… say hi to Rylee woof woof!!!

  2. I’ve always liked that quote about which dog wins. Good one!

  3. Methinks Edgar Allen Poe would be very proud of you. Brrrr.

    Oh yeah, the dogs. They take turns.

    1. lol, Phil… ya goof… though i know precisely what you mean… so it’s a last dog standing huh?

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