Many Mansions

“In My Father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you.”

Do you have a mansion in your heart? Is this world your home?

Is the Kingdom of Heaven within you?

Then what’s going on?

I want to pick flowers for the table beside me, decorate my mansion, but they are sleeping for the winter. Soon they will rise up and stretch joyfully.
As will I when I get up tomorrow morning. I love that stretching. I call it ‘God’s yoga’… once you enter into the stretch, it’s out of your hands haha.. but just for a moment, and oh God it feels soooo good.


Art by my Husband Gilles.

3 comments on “Many Mansions”

  1. it’s a good felling dreaming about the flowers in spring Elaine!!… God bless!

    your site remembered me… thanks….peter:)

  2. The combination of yours and Gilles’ art is magical. Did you know that? Does HE know that?

    1. yes, well, often Gilles is inspired by me, that little picture of the girl sleeping is me haha

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